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Want to buy Scotcoin

You have Options

Find someone who is willing  to trade directly. We are building a user network of all the business and public using Scotcoin. As you maybe aware Scotcoin is not widely known about. its up to you to keep spreading the word. Here we are continuing to update the site with some helpful information and promote Scotcoin.

Scotcoin 2.0

Click the links to help guide you through the process, from faucets to mining and more.

start trading

Join cointerwallet, who trade in crypto currencies such as Scotcoin, Bitcoin and XCP. Watch out for other Currency exchange platforms like bleutrade and comkort. who may soon trade Scotcoin 2.0

 You will require bitcoin to begin your trade. Bitcoin can be purchased from People, trading sites like and

due to the nature of bitcoin some people or companies require confirmation of id before you can trade..

If you just want to test out the theory Use a facuet to gain bitcoin. Then sign up to a trading company like bleutrade and comkort. Use the bitcoin address they provide in the facuets and collect the coin. That coin can be used to purchase Scotcoin.

Buy Scotcoin HERE

CounterwalletScotcoin is Only Available Here

To Purchase Scotcoin you will need Bitcoin or XCP

get 10% off discount on all their trading fees for 6 months



Bleutrade Crypto Currency Exchange

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Comkort Crypto Currency Exchange

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More info about ComkortComkort Crypto Currency Exchange Platform
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